Responsive and reliable support

last-minute media requests ​

Last second tech troubles can ruin plans. And they’re not uncommon.
That’s why we’ll be on call to take care of any last-minute media requests and make sure the show goes on.
We’re renowned for the fast response and around-the-clock service we give our clients. At times when speed matters most, you can count on us to be there.
When you need last-minute AV setups or technical support for live television, video and content streaming, we’ve got you covered.
No matter what type of system you have installed, our technical team of AV & IT specialists will get you up and running.
Highly connected, highly effective, high (or low) end tech sourcing

Urgent Equipment Sourcing​

We’ve built a trusted network of AV equipment suppliers across the UK, Europe, and beyond. You can rely on us to source equipment for you. Fast. We thrive on sourcing equipment/solutions when others simply say, “It can’t be done until Monday”.

We understand that some things can’t wait. They need attention now. And the word ‘no’ is not an option. That’s why we removed it from our vocabulary a long time ago.

Our team are contactable 24/7. Call us at 3am. We’ll pick up. It’s as simple as that.

Bypass blocks and unlock the world​

VPN For Geo-Blocked Content​

Your access to online content is either blocked or reduced depending on where you are in the world.

Geographical restrictions are rife among streaming services. They stop you accessing the latest TV shows, film releases and live sporting events from around the world.

Most consumer grade VPNs limit your speeds, are regularly blacklisted by streaming providers and are very difficult to apply to certain systems/equipment. Meaning one day it may work, the next day it may not.

End to end VPN hosting, using your international property to host equipment, meaning all of your content will always be available to you, wherever you are.

privately record anything, for your own private viewing later

av remote recording​​

“Time shifting is the recording of programming to a storage medium to be viewed or listened to after the live broadcasting”

Legally sourcing content and personally recording it for your own private viewing will keep you on the correct side of the law.

We are highly experienced in designing and supplying elaborate systems to allow our clients to record their own content and watch it offline at a later stage.

apple tv wherever you are in the world

apple tv management

It’s all too common to find those running several Apple TVs in multiple locations to have a mismatch of apps, accounts and a very different user experience in each location. Using our expertise with Apple Mobile Device management, we have the ability to make sure you have the same Apple TV experience, whether you are on your boat, plane, motorhome or simply at home. Chosen apps are presented in the same order across all of your Apple TVs across the board. All unwanted apps are uninstalled/hidden so you only see what you want to see.